Name: Dr. Balázs Terhes 
Hometown: Szeged
Family: single

What I’m responsible for at Golgota Szeged: church elder, greeting, and I do whatever else needs to be done (from cleaning to teaching). Because I’m a lawyer, I advice the church on legal issues.

Favorite scripture: Galatians 2:20


My story

 My story is about loss of abandon and being found. As a child, my family got on pretty well with each other. In elementary school I was an excellent student accoring to my report card, I was carefree. Everything changed in High School, I didn’t have any friends, the teachers didn’t trust me like they did in elemtary school, and I went through a couple of very uncomfortable physical changes as well (for example, I had joint problems and athlete’s foot). I was miserable. I was ruled by stress, self-pity and shame. Becuse of these things I became sick when I imagined I was. I came to the conclusion that I needed let my physical condition influence my soul, but I still couldn’t bring myself out from under this.
Eventually I became so stressed out on a daily basis that it effected my blood circulation and I would continually catch a cold. I ended up in a psychiatrist’s office, as well as other doctors and naturopaths, all of which showed that my imagined sicknesses became delusional. I felt the need to imagine myself either sick or injured. I wanted to die many times becasue I didn’t want to know how I was destroying myself. My grades weren’t what they used to be. I came to the hard realization that in the face of life’s real problems you are alone and nobody can step into your place.

In 1998, as I was at University, I was talking with a missionary, who shared the Gospel with me. It wasn’t hard for me to see that everyone is a sinner because my life wasn’t all „together”. I really didn’t understand God’s love – for me at the time I understood it as just a feeling. The personal relationship that Jesus wanted with me was simply information to me. I knew that Jesus was the central figure, who died for sin, and by faith it’s possible to recieve Him as a personal Savior, but I approached this whole thing emotionally. It took two years but I came to the point where I realized I need Jesus.
God used a very serious surgery on my Mom so that on February 8, 2001, in all my desperation, I’d give my life to Christ. The next few critial days were hard for me, and my Mom survived her surgery. From this time forth Jesus brought all my old scars to the surface and began healing them. Many times I felt uncomfortable around Chrisitans, they didn’t mention it, so after a while this didn’t happen as much.

Since then here has been blessing, prosperity and growth in my spiritual life like never before. I, someone as afraid as I am, even dared to go study in Germany for 6 months on a grant becasue I felth that God wanted me there.

Out of my old self-centered world, God often leads me to others because now I have so much to give. Now my relationship with my sister & mother are so much better becuause they also became Christians.
The most interesting thing tough is now my joint are better than ever and if I’m not careful I still sometimes catch a cold. I failed at the University, my Mom had another operation, thank God she’s better now. None of these things now effect me. I trust in God, I wait for His help, which doesn’t mean that I’m always happy, but I know that He is faithful & He loves me. I won’t be a little child any more rather I will dare to be more and more abandoned in Christ.

Thank you for reading my story.