Dear Guests,

Our church is bilingual and although the worship services are in English and Hungarian, nevertheless, students, researchers and scholars come from all over the world with dozens of languages and cultural backgrounds.

Szeged is a university city, the Academy’s Biological Research Center and the recently launched ELI Laser Center also operate in our city, so our foreign brothers and sisters work mostly in these institutions.

We believe that our brothers and sisters from different nations are equal in Christ, so we would love them to feel our church as their “church home”, so that they could grow here and have the opportunity to engage in the ministries of the church. Our desire is for them that, no matter how much time they spend here and wherever they go, that they will be able to say that they know Jesus better than they knew Him when they arrived.

One of the tools to reach this goal is our English-speaking small group, where we honestly discuss the theme of Sunday service over a good coffee or tea and caring for each other in prayer.

It is my personal desire and prayer that we can learn to practically love Jesus and each other with our foreign brothers and sisters.

Come and join to see with us how Jesus reveals Himself to us.

God bless you!