The Bible teaches that Christians should take part in God’s Work in the world through financial giving. Though we don’t set a number or percentage, we believe that giving should be regular, sacrificial, joyful, and generous. 

If you’d like to support the work that God is doing in and through Golgota Szeged you can give during our services (we have a tithe box in the sanctuary) or you can send your tithes and offerings to our bank account by wire transfer.

Bank account owner: Golgota Keresztény Gyülekezet Egyesület Szeged
Bank account number: 57600101-11071596
Bank name: 3A Takarékszövetkezet

If you’re outside of Hungary and would like to support the work of Golgota Szeged you can do so by donating through our PayPal account.

Once again Golgota has received official church status here in Hungary, this means if you’d like to support the work that God is doing through Golgota in Hungary, you can designate your tax 1% to Golgota by using the technical code 0578 on your tax return.

Thank you for partnering with us in God’s work in Szeged.